Happy bday to da Arrauzal

What be yo fave rec?

Fo moi, his earliest 30’s recs.
Da pimp 1 and 2 from 1935 is gud

I love early Arrau, I love late Arrau, and I…… like middle Arrau. Since it’s his birthday.

I’m going to pick his 1928 Pag 6 and his 1983 Villa d’Este :heart:

Difficult to say. He was a completely different pianist at the start of his career. From the earliest recs I like his 10/4 and ofher etude (e.g paget 2) recordings and his Goldbergs. From his phillips recs, I like his Beethoven sonatas and Liszt recordings.

I like 1940s-60s Arrau best. Not really a fan of his Philips recs at all. That includes his Nocturnes and TEs.

I don’t get how those Nocturnes could be so famous. I find them incredibly dull - like most of his stuff from the 70s. I’m with Brew on the Philips Liszt recs however, and there are some stellar PC tapes from his mid period as well.

'60 Prague Chopin Preludes


Liszt Transcendental Etudes. My first set.

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Claudio Arrau from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, definitely. Would you believe that this is him?



I really like his live Brahms concertos from Moscow.

Have you heard the 1947 rec with Cameron? That’s my (and Arrau’s) preferred rec.

Not yet. Will check on that!

Tru, nice full tone, yet quite sprightly.

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