Happy Bday to daddy Friedman

Forever grateful to his recs for introducing moi to a previously unheard-of level of smoothness, and also daring rhythms…

Too bad we have no idea how he sounded like in his CORE rep…

At any rate, happy birthday to this legendary mofo!

one of the greatest encores ever written! I’ve always liked his Paganini variations as well.

what are your favorite recordings? I should go back and listen again.

if only he’d given us davidsbundlertanze, or the fantasie, or the humoreske…

Correct! His whore wife decided to trash most of his recorded legacy, those Australian radio recs 1940-1943 all got personally trashed by her.

Pretty much all of them except for that raped Grieg Concerto

The Humoreske was not in his rep… da Kreisleriana was recorded by ABC radio but trashed, tru.

no… there were recordings and some BITCH threw them away!?! do we know what of?

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Link to da Ignaz Friedman bio from which this info sourced

some wife… gonna guess had more to do to royalties on existing commercial legacy. shrewd whore

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Nah, the stupid thot really thought it sucked?

Or maybe he actually asked her to do it before he died.

Anyway… what a slut.

Good role model for da :wim: wife tbf


I like his early electrical stuff. That la campanella amazing and even the mazurka on other side much tighter and interesting than later versions.

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