Happy Birthday to da DOC! :doc: :girth:

TRU happy 58th Birthday to da DOC :doc: :girth:

What makes him so special is the way his facility and fluency give him what you might call a helicopter view of what he’s playing.

It’s as if his muscles work in a different way to other pianists. To make an analogy with automotive power, it’s as if he has torque and to spare, so that in situations where most players slow down slightly, show signs of somehow changing gear, reveal signs of fatigue or try simply to mask their limitations through the use of rubato that gives them breathing space, Hamelin can keeping going without interruption in a straight line or on whatever curve he thinks the music needs.


hopefully inzpirin da DOC to feel 20 yrz youngah :approved::sunglasses:


He’s beginning to look like middle-period Horowitz, just needs a shave and a bow tie.


Happy bday

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hahahaha much rezpec to tha legend! :doc:

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Is there no deep doc fansite yet?

feel like he needs a trovar style thing.

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hahaha just reading dis now…rubato is for sl*w suckas!

He tease us with etude tabs pic on b day


He is the editor of bunch of Rachmaninov’s music for Henle, among others complete Etudes, that’s why…


I’m sure he’ll be better than the editors they’ve had in the past…

Did he celebrate by playing D. 960?

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I’m great fan of nowdays Henle because they brought some really good pianists, with excellent fingerings. For example Schiff for WTC, Perahia for Beethoven Sonatas, Ian Fountain for all Cello & Piano works. I havel Hamelin’s edition and he didn’t put so many fingerings of his own…

I guess so. What else in the world he would play? :grin:

He should do scriabin etudes for Henle next, weird that they dont have them published yet… Or has the original copyright not expired yet…they have other scrib sheeyat tho

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