Happy Xmas Everybody and a Happu Nu Year !!!

I vish ya a lot of truly wickid moments joined with speed and tru emotions !! a great chiks for those single straights , a great hunk for those single gheyz ! … a lot of beautiful muzic and loadz of touching emotions ! to be healthy and wealthy but first of all happy !!
and for your dreams to become true as soon as it is possible … ( my wishes go for all , even da Zkepto and trumofo ) …
and az an sdc member , i wish u a really brilliant fazt fingers so u can play whatever u like and however u like !!
merry xmas and a happy nu year !!

da Zupah

whut a legend, respec, n da same to u :doc:

i hope you all die :whale: :whale:


shame on u

happy nu year!!!

and a bad azz 2006 :ho:

wuznt da cunt also dutch…


da cunt iz dutch

datz right, and my bad azz dad is wibi soerjadi :comme:
btw, my mom is jan vayne :rectum:

hahaha FUCK!!!
da wayne

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1 ziffro will be rewarded.

dayum you leet hacker :whale: :whale: :whale:

respec. merry xmas for da xtians, kwazy kwanza for da bruthas and happy hanukkah for us jewz. 8)

Da jewz?


iz dere a jews in diz forum??


:brotha: - merry christmas, you jews

hahahahahahahahahahhHAHAHAHAHAHA TIZ TRU




i iz jewish. :blush:

hahah so datz why nobody likez hitlah :comme:

tru merry chriztmazz, resepc tha DOC updatd hat, n im randomly goin to get hammred and gamble away what little dough i hav


hahah fuck, notice da docz hat on the bannah!!! :doc: :doc:

wiffout doubt, he grantz us merry christmas too

i jus realized, randomly though, how insanely family-like (and ghey) dasdc iz!

respec 8)