Have you actually been able to see any live concerts recently?

esp. of da 88?

lucky to be living in a country where live concerts have been pretty active since around june, but the influx of foreign artists has 99.9% stopped, so all the ‘big names’ from overseas were canceled here.

i have seen a handful of contemp music chamber gigs and even played a few freelance gigs, but nothing particularly exciting… experimental music shit (people fiddling with gear and computers) still goes on in basements and small bars, fun with a pint or 3 and masked-up friends

how’s zheeyat where you mofoz iz?

Nothing sadly…

There are none in NY.

I think that small clubs are trying to do shit starting in Nov in NYC, but yeah, if you’re only into classical piano rectals in big halls… maybe nothing for a while i guess?

Europe seems to be active though, somehow

Caught a few thingz during da summah (n managed to play a couple gigz) but we’re back into lockdown now :dong:

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Hahaha da canda zhud ztay lockdown

dun infect da UZA mo, we dun need it :tm:

Lazt conc n alzo da lazt perzon I zhook hans wiff: Volodos lazt decembah. A worthy endin if da worl nevah go back 2 norml

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Hahaha fuck where wuz diz?!

Nothing here, and we’re going into another lockdown this evening :wales:

Whoa - I go to bed, :tm: leaves and the Welsh flag is removed from da list??



:doc: liveztream in under an hour apparently

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I think diz pozzibly start in 20 minute

oh wow nice… ty festin

Holy shit he playing concord sonata? Somebody capturing this? I am unable.

This doc perf pretty good.

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He’s like one of those old kung fu masters at this point.

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Hey So, there is an unfiltered chat to the right of the stream :sunglasses:

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Did any mofoz happen to kap diz?

I dun think I even found dasdc on da internet until 2005…but da firzt time I evah saw da DOC perform wuz pozzibly playing da concord on 4 september 2004

Outside of chicago at ravinia no lezz