Haydn vz. Mozart

An interezting theme dat haz popped up occazionally on here iz debate ova preference fo HAYDN 88 zonz ova MOZART 88 zonz

Dear Haydn, how I love you! But other pianists? They’re rather lukewarm towards you. Which is a great shame. - Richter

Haydn wuz alzo Prokofiev’z fav cumpoza.

Mozart’z fame far outweighz Haydn in da public conzciouznezz

Undoubtedly both Gensui mofoz

Who iz yo fav?

Alzo - Mozart’z bezt zheeyatz iz hiz concertoz and Operaz zo compa4rin 88 zonz alone may not be fair. Diz iz an overall vote.

  • Haydn
  • Mozart

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In termz of da 88 writin I find Haydn more enjoyable to play (like zcar). Mozart gets a bit fussy.

How about Antonio Polzelli Haydn vs. Franz Xaver Mozart?

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The decisions I’m asked to make on this board :yum:

Haydn on Mondays, Mozart on Tuesdays.

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Mozart Mondays sounds more radio friendly.

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The winner is the one with more minor key sonatas.


8 vz 2

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Don’t despair. Sokolov will soon present a new program consisting entirely of sonatas by Haydn and Mozart. :sleeping:


Sounds good. :wink:

Pre-2014 I would have hated that, but I really liked both his 2016 Mozarts and the 2017 Haydns. Haydn as much as the music allowed anyway - much like with Schumann Op.5 etc in the other thread I thought they were clearly works by a great composer, but maybe not necessarily great works, as it were.

Haydn sonatas are great, Mozart sonata are Ok.

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VERY good Haydn playing.

Diz iz how I like my Haydn played! Virtuozity, wikid voicin and Baroque Bach-level zkill ov bringin out other voicez when needed which iz zumtymz mizzin in Haydn.

Very cheeky and joyouz, da dancy partz really dance.

Zyms and bulk of zons, Haydn.
Cuncerti even doe I like da 3 Haydn, Zart.


Crazy how little luv da ZART git around here

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Not all of Haydn Sonatas are that interesting IMO.
Whereas with Mozart there’s in almost every Sonata a theme, a melody that stays in my mind forever.


HAHA FUCK! diz piece mo den a BIT wikid

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