heifetz masterclass


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The fiddler is Varujan Kojian, who was already assistant concertmaster of the LA Phil and later became a conductor; I doubt he really lost much sleep over Heifetz being a shit to him. I’ve seen the whole thing, it’s lots of fun to watch. But man, the technical demands he places on violinists! I think it’s pretty clear the the great one is teasing him in a rather cruel way, notice that the people in the room are laughing with each outrageous new demand.

are you sure that’s not erick friedman?

Looks alot like Friedman to me, but then I don’t know my violinists like I know my pianists.

My bad- it’s Friedman. Here’s the film that has Kojian in it, while Friedman plays - Kojian’s the one sitting closest to Heifetz. They were both there, but it’s been too many years since I’ve seen the whole thing at Indiana, hence the screwup. I saw Kojian conducting once in the 80’s, not bad. He got Utah Symphony, but only lasted one contract term, as the orchestra thought he didn’t know the rep well enough. No kidding, since their last conductor was Abravanel, who had been conducting for 500 years.

I still find the mood of the class pretty amusing - he’s intimidating, of course - it’s Heifetz for God’s sake, but he’s amusing in a sadistic way. One should played in Janos Starker’s lessons and masterclasses (I did, fairly often, always thanking Jesus I wasn’t a string player) - now there was (is) a man who could make a string player shit their pants in fear.


It’s Friedman

haha, a little late on that weren’t you?

He’s a bit slow, you know, in general.


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da heifetz needz iz unbelievable. da student is not good enuf too, pozz too nervous.

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Could have been worse, I think Heifetz was kidding around a bit.