Heinrich Neuhaus book on Piano Technqieu


Anyone has the Josef Lhevinne book on pdf/djvu?

amazon.com/Basic-Principles- … pd_sim_b_1

Hahah man, you have too much awesome stuff.
Thanks so much again!

I recently read this one. So much good stuff in there.

I’ve got the Lhevinne only in print alas

daim… how iz da Lhevinne?

i’d have to re-read it someday since i didn’t know as much as i do now back when i read it

it was a bit of a disappointment, a bit like hoffmann’s book at times, more focused on the “beginning” basic principles of pianoplaying. really nothing you don’t know yet i think. focused on selling to piano beginners at the time, nothing groundbreaking or high level holy shit this is good shit like neuhaus.

I liked Hofmann’s book mainly for his writing style: he uses lots of colourful metaphors, tells good anecdotes about Rubinstein, and loves to slam idiots.

i normally don’t read these books but i’m intrigued! thanks for the up

lhevinne’s was culled from a series of interviews he gave I believe, so no wonder it’s kinda sparse. I still enjoyed it though.