So i have an exam in 6 days and i need to prepare two different in style scarlatti sonatas by myself. as i know about 25 of them only , please advise me for some easy yet beautiful sonatas PLEASE !!! i want to print it tonight so i can start learning tomorrow … and would be good if they werent long as im already playing a 60 minutes recital for the exam


if you already know 25, pick two that fit your program well and aren’t too time consuming to review. 25 should be more than enough to pick two.

u r gonna learn two entire sonatas in 6 days? goddamn

a bit respectful…

play da PIMP DJ Coda in da Zcarlatti ztyle?
and then unleazh da BARBAH fugue in Zcar ztyle az well :stop: :stop:
how iz your Paderewzki compet program goin?

sdc iz no place foh advice GTFO

ahahahah fuckkkkk diz zoundz lyk a reply to da THIERRY

i thought we haff already eztablizhd da ZUPAH iz actually

a rezpecable penizt 8)

haa… i already chose two the next day , learned them in one day … and the exam is on tuesday … haaa :smiley: will play theze two scarlattis , chop 10/2 , debussy pour les notes repetees (spelling?!) , Chop Barcarolle , Schumann Etudes Symphoniques … as for da pad comp im not participating , i couldnt go for rehearsal as i was after car accident ( i bought my civic thursday night , got hit by mercedes friday noon , wtf?! ) … but ill participate in da baltic comp haa … and da dj iz goin really good , not difficult at all really , just needs its time … but ill have to do da chop son 2 and szymanowski masques (which i really dont understand nor like) in 3 months … now thats a challenge…

On a mo random note, da t25 haff recently been hired az an azziztant auditor fo da Canadain Revenue Agency.

Rezpec diz legendary government zalary 8)

daim 8)

the judges are onto you. hiring assassins.
anyways, I played k213. its ok. I realise ive missed the deadline though. Chop2 is a mean feat in 3 months… but if you can manage the Schumann Etudes I’m sure you’ll be ok. They sound amazing. i don’t have a clue how tricky they are though.


da greg modezty in not makin a nu topic 8)