Help me exploring some stuff

Recently I fell in love with the electric guitar and started listening to a lot of Jimi Hendrix, now I also like stuff like this:

Do you know where to start with exploring this kind of music, some Metallica albums I should have, some other names?

Btw are all the fans of bands like that complete retards like in the comments?

hmmm, how heavy are you willing to go? In terms of the best guitar, some of your better groups will most likely have vocals that you can’t stand…

If you like Metallica, hmmm I guess check out Slayer.

so I’m not sure how to go about answering this, especially because you linked to metallica after stating an intense listening of Hendrix,
are you just lookin for rock out guitar stuff?

I used to listen to that stuff religiously, but now its rare for me to listen to music without electronic instruments (with the exception of classical). I’ll come back to this and try to think of what I used to listen to.

But to start off, tell me if you like any of this stuff and if so which… … re=channel

then you have the semi-guiltypleasuredorky stuff… … re=related

in terms of modern blues, there’s only one name you need to know (and i’m sure you do), Stevie Ray Vaughn

a lot of his originals are awesome, but here’s his cover of little wing

i hate saying this, but guitar hero really is a good way for a new guitar music fan to find some stuff that he likes…

check out those tunes on the games.

In terms of underrespected guitarists, check this guy out

its definitely guitar dork, but yeah… this guy is/was a competitor on guitar war (a website where you war guitar tunes heh) He’s IMPRESSIVE

lol I don’t like any of that stuff except for Stevie Ray Vaughn, but thanks a lot for posting. My brother just bought guitar hero and I’m kinda addicted so that’s where all this new guitar things come from, but maybe Im more into old stuff like Guns 'n Roses than stuff like this, I don’t know really :stuck_out_tongue: .

great guitar music not already mentioned:

Van Halen (being dutch you should have heard of Eddie Van Halen)
Randy Rhoads (hear him with Ozzy Osbourne - albums Blizzard of Ozz and Diary of a Madman
Zakk Wylde
Yngwie Malmsteen
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
Slash (GNR)
Dimebag Darryl (pantera)

Re Metallica, best place to start would be the Black Album since it is still “classic” metallica but more commercial. Then I’d get Ride the Lightning (which is where FtB comes from), Master of Puppets, And Justice for All and finally Kill em all.

The big three metal bands in the 80s where Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer (don’t bother with hair metal even though they could play). Pantera are another great band from that era.

Most metal bands have great guitarists, although being a noob you might not be ready for most ‘real’ metal (i.e. the Scandinavian stuff). You might like Nightwish actually, not strictly guitar music but the guitarist can definitely play.

Btw a lot of fans are retards because they are 14 yr olds whose mother has finally let him buy his own music and he needs to tell the world how much he knows and how much better his taste is than everyone elses.

I’ll upload a bunch of albums for you if you’d like, I was into this music about 6 years ago and then lost interest. Might help me regain it a little if I actually had the albums on my computer.

Here’s a sampler tell me which one’s (if any) you like (guitar sounds better in the studio btw)

Randy Rhoads:

Eddie van Halen:


Megadeth: … re=related

Zakk Wylde: … re=related

Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains etc are pretty good too.

haha diz fav

zoulful az it getz :brotha:

a brutal clazzic

I like everything of that, except for when Ozzy osbourne starts singing :’)

Thanks for the suggestions! Ill also look up the Metallica.

Ozzy is more tolerable on the records.

definitely check out Alice In Chains’ cd Best of the Box

that never gets old to me… you’ll most likely be listening to that years from now if you like it currently.

I just downloaded complete RHCP discography


what in the fuck is RHCP

red hot chili peppers. not my cup of sheeyat.

ahhh yes,

One Hot Minute is a great funk cd.

They are not a band that I have ever regularly listened to, but they can be a lot of fun.

They are definitely worth a check out.

I listened to their Live at Hyde Park album, I love the improvising and the solo’s are really amazing. (the Pea song on the one hot minute cd is gensui :smiley: )

haha andrew WK iz legend

haha, “Faulkner References, Mispellings, Imaginary”

I don’t know where you found that but it’s brilliant, hilarious, and in a way proves how stupid a lot of that music really is.

I still listen to black metal once every half year or so.

Can’t go wrong with Jimi or Led Zep…