hi im a mofo

u lyk it eh? 8)

omgosh i lyk love it
and WTF to whut whut ??

lol keira, next time log in u mofo

howz about no :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah u mofo, next time dload msn u mofo 8)

howz about …NOOOO

and 24 posts that deserves respec xD

no way 8)


I think.

omgz i lyk luv you comme le vent
you speak da truth
not diz roland

omgz i get it im under guest
yo pplz dis is keira da mofo
but i iz dumb n forgot to login =o

what about a nice hot plate of [color=red][size=150]SHUT THE FUCK UP![/size]

omgz roland sumone waz rude :frowning:

im new no need to tell me to up the fuck shut :frowning:

az yoda wud say teehee

steinway ur going on ma list

haha keira u iz a bit too sheeyat, lyk u own everyone and da big bosses around ere cant stand dat sheeyat 8) :stuck_out_tongue: 8)

teehee maybe…

:ziff: :lib: :doc: :comme: :dong: :shrimp: :rectum:

wot duz all that mean ???

omgz, dont u know? dat r da legends of da SDC community 8)

iz keira a chick?

of courze ima chick !!!

thatz why i dont kno whut ur on aboutz

and aight praises the legendz

it appearz u iz a chick from da UK

diz iz nice

add moi on msn - comme_le_vent@hotmail.com