hi im a mofo

yes it iz tru dat i dont own a piano, however i iz de tru gensui

hahaha DA KEIRA!!! respec 8)

i would ask ya to prove yoself but den i would probably haff to do da same

ye it iz 1337 , ROLAND !!

hehe i cant prove miself cuz its a frum, but pianos r kewl 8)


roland why u quote me
roland prove yoself to be gensui

now !!!

haha keira, wot iz yo plan?

to unleash da fury ??? teehee

omgosh madness!

you lyk stole ma werds

u will pay mofo

nevah evah :comme:

omgz lyk ur there, but ur not
i got a new plan yo
to get tha most posts evah!!!

good luck wid dat

:comme: :comme: :comme:

thanks ! your lyk helpin me !!!

so everyone luvs a piano … diz is de sheeyat

haha keira da most posts l0l, it vil nevah happen, two gensui mofoz haf alreadi got lyk 14000 posts u mofo!

omgz im lyk crying now u mofo :stuck_out_tongue:
i will be da best mofo in ere cuz pionos r da sheeyat

sex piano ? roland you iz a rude mofo :stuck_out_tongue:


WTF :doc: :stop: