High-Res Sviatoslav Richter: Scriabin Sonata no 6 from Fatty Masters™

I got inspired by Praga shits. I’m pretty sure I can do at least as well given enough time. So I gave myself 5 hours today to work on this Scrib sonata epicness.

Enjoy the greatest richter 1955 scrib 6th known to man. Is 96Khz 32 bit flac. You really feel like that russian woman is coughing in your room.


The tube vid sounds horrible with the compression all the goodness lost. Def get the file.



Thanks, but 218mb for a single 11 minute track from the 1950’s? Is there a program for Mac that I can use to downsample this without causing any damage to the file? Also, is there any way to bring the sound closer (i don’t know the technical term)?

Yeah I left it as a project file so folks to down res and tweak to taste from maximal OG rec goodness.

I could re-run it at a cd res and balance to mid vs sides and compress a bit. Would fix the OG rec sig of being distant and still probably sound pretty good. Will post that style tonight if’n there is interest.

I’d be interested but don’t feel obligated.

No prob! This really interesting. Finishing an experiment on the etudes side and will export with the tweaks.

I get the fast upload and download speeds because I tether my workphone. Expecting IT to assinate me at some point but so far so good.

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Cool her is a more 16 bit flac. I took out a hair of reverb but when I compressed it it ended up sounding a little bit like charlie brown’s parents so its subtle. I also rant some denoise because no harm there with the already softer edges.




I have this in FLAC. Want it?

For sure, I love this legendary perf.

I pretty sure I messed up the dynamics on the normal res one somehow. So many mysteries to unravel on this stuff.

Here you go.


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ahhhhhhh this piece and this perf

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I’m more of an even-numbered-Scriabin-sonata-guy, myself!

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