HJ Lim WTC Book 1

So if there was any question, this person is an incredible genius. Whether you like the style is another matter.


wow not even a minute in and my laptop is already covered in vomit

will skim through it though, she might have some interesting ideas it’s just really difficult for me to listen to 99% of bullshit searching for that 1%

I know. I think artistically she needs an extra strict no BS mentor. The parts are there but in the wrong proportions…

ahahaha if DIZ CHICK needz a teachah

den clazzikal m*zik dezervez to die tru :sunglasses:

nice rubato 8)

Hahaha, diz chick.

Pure sheeeyat


haha shit dat octave b minor p&f (around 1h12)

ahahaha da WOOD, yo head zayz tiz pure zheeyat, but

wut duz yo cock zay? 8)



:stop: :whale:

tru she looks like a short thruster that makes you not feel anything and then after a while that hair in your face starts to annoy you and then you actually start thinking about faking it.

Hahahaha dis analysis

almozt TIGAH WOODZ level tru 8)