hmm will this comp be webcast?

or iz there any other way… so we wont miss teh action ?


when does it start ?

Da 11th at 9:00 (most likely PM)

The thing is, is that I haff no idea what time zone this sheeyat is in. are the timez lizted in GMT or sum random Rushin’ Time Zone?

Explications are in order.


yup… I dont wanna miss this sheeyat … discuzz

find out da time zone mozcow iz in

iz there a webcast for this… or will we have to listen to it on some kind of net radio ?

hahahahahahaha, if dere iz a webcazt, u wont know

U FUCKAH! :smiling_imp:

tru 8)

BTW: Moscow’s Time Zone is GMT+3 (actually it’s GMT+2 now, bcuz itz summah)

Tiz tru 8)

hahahahahahaa ic

June 12, 2005
The live webcast will be available on our site during the auditions time frame - with the help of Comstar United Telesystems. Stay tuned for more info.