Ho Carnegie on pristine


Nicely done trumofo.

Great news.

That said, he is about to get anally destroyed by Sony’s lawyers.
He knew the risk. Rezpek this mofo for sacrificing his asshole for the VH fans.

I’m curious about these yale records, anyone of you got them?

TM will hook you up

check yo pm tru.

Some of these are whored out on YouTube too.

Hehe, TM is da yale dealer :rock: Thankz TM :ho:

Rezpek yo self.

Daim… man…
Fuck, I guess now they’re going to shut down pristine Classics.

I believe Allan Steckler has hinted over the last few months that the Yale recordings are going to get an official release soon.

The owner of PC, Andrew Rose, clearly downloaded these VH recitals for free, probably on SymhonyShare.
So now you know it folks, there is always a risk that the rare unreleased non-commercial stuff that is shared here or on other sites by pianophiles can be confiscated by some label that wants to make money from it.

I’m surprised Andrew is so thick and/or impudent to think he can get away with this.

So be it. I still think it’s better than hoarding or only sharing amongst a select few (such as SS). In fact, the less rare you make a non-commercial rec, the less these people have to gain financially from releasing them.

Agree with you Brewtality. That said, here on DSDC I notice an increasing amount of recordings that are not available for everybody…

The bar is only 100 posts, just spam the punk thread until you can ‘jsamuels’ it.

The idea is probably to prevent silent newbies from leeching, but I think it points out a good merit in offering so you can receive. Isn’t that a Catholic precept?

When I was in Amsterdam I was friend’s with this Spanish woman who lived in a communal building with very low rents. One stipulation for living there was that once a week you had to cook the meal for the entire floor you were on. I suppose the 100+ threshold can be thought of a little like that.

It’s obviously not a satisfactory way to do things and for that reason I don’t use restrictions on my posts anymore.
I can understand people posting large files not wanting their servers raped though.

Is he immune from getting da Sony’s dong in his rectum because the company is based in France?

He plans to release the entire series, rezpek.

SONY sat on this material for SO LONG, torturing is with 3 giant overpriced box sets.

We’re supposed to believe that they planned to release the full series?
Highly doubtful. I’ve heard before that some of the recitals are in too poor sound to release, which is utter nonsense - they all sound listenable, but yeah.
Fuck Sony. 8)

Volume 2 is out - da other concert from 1948


From a business standpoint all of this waiting shit is so stupid… if it don’t warrant a full commercial release Sony should license the raw materials to different engineering restoration teams to put out their own product on their own small labels…

That way the people doing the specific types of restoration I like I can compare against others and maybe buy their take on generally available material which they’d also need to license…

Potentially Sony could get paid 10 times the same shit with no full production exposure. - maybe also helping build audience for in-house releases…

Everybody gets paid before the majority of potential audience dies of old age waiting for official shit…

It’s not quite that simple. I don’t know everything about this, and haven’t been interested enough to find out, but Sony/BMG are perfectly aware of the public interest in these and hence also the opportunity to cash in on them, and I know there was a significant push about 12 years ago to get this stuff issued but one major obstacle was that Wanda (or maybe even Horowitz himself?) has left a written request that these discs are NEVER TO BE RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC. That makes them kind of hard to put out, probably both legally and morally. And before you say “well then they should let them slip out through non-official channels” - well, first note that this would be pretty unprecedented. Secondly, note that that’s kind of what they did…

Yeah makes sense. I forget how many interests are tied up in these things. Half of costs probably just sorting through the legal considerations / defending potential challenges…

What? Wanda said da rest should not be released?

What about the HO IN JAPAN 1983?

Wanda was full of it 8)