Ho Early Broadcasts

Does anybody have a chronology of these?

I was randomly poking around and saw this. Jan 2nd 1932 broadcast blurb

nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/s … nge&page=1

Dates line up with this from Concertography…

January 2, 1932: Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York [+]

Vivaldi: Concerto grosso in A minor
Haydn: Symphony No.98 in B-flat major
Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
    - Hans Lange/New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.3 in D minor, Op.30
    - Vladimir Horowitz/Hans Lange/New York Philharmonic Orchestra

I began making one - in like 2003 - but I don’t think I ever compiled the info in to a document. I probably still have the papers, but I’d need to open closets and pull out drawers to find them. It’s maybe largely of academic interest anyway since the broadcasts aren’t stored anywhere - the only hope of finding a recording of one is if new home cutter etc collections turn up.