HO story: kan anyone confirm this?

chancelucky.blogspot.com/2006/01 … ction.html

tru thiz search wuz inzpired by da fauztaccomplazz tatum rec

er, it does say ‘fiction’ in the title :ho:

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Fiction: n. 1. The class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, esp. in prose form. 2. works of this class, as novels or short stories. 3. a made-up story.

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I can confirm that it was written strictly as fiction. I very much appreciate the members of this forum looking at the story though. I’m always looking for any technical problems. I’ve had a couple people from the jazz and classical people look through it for errors, but I’m always open to corrections, additions., other anecdotes.

In terms of the actual relationship between the two men, I think that all anyone knows at this point is that they met and that Horowitz was an admirer of Tatum’s. I was fascinated by the fact that Horowitz was a refugee from his own country who was welcomed into and adulated in the United States while (though successful, Tatum had a very popular radio show and may have had the first piano trio to tour on its own as a separate group) Tatum was something of a refugee in his own country and didn’t get recorded for 8 years of his career. I"m pretty sure there were never any “lessons” between the two though, just the story about Horowitz transcribing a Tatum solo and Tatum dismissing it.

Interesting. I’ve read a bit about their meeting in several books, but it was always very vague in a way.

I did enjoy this story a lot, makes you want to believe it.

One of the biggest compliments any writer can hear is that the reader wanted to “believe” it. Thanks for making my day.

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I wrote it, because I write. How’s that? It’s just that no one much reads it, so most people in my regular life don’t believe me when I tell them I write.
Anyway, I like "puzzle’ stories sometimes.

I found this thread because my site has software on it that shows me where referrals come from and to be honest, almost no one reads my fiction there. I’d noticed that I was getting a bunch of hits from London, New York, etc. for this story starting about 10 days ago. I figured I should see who was actually reading it.

The story probably came from my reading that Horowitz and Tatum knew each other and then visiting with a pianist friend who’d just played a concert and having an after concert meal with the pianist, his parents, and his teacher who happened to be a Russian who grew up in Tehran then immigrated to the United States where she wound up giving piano lessons. So, the truth is that the story came from stray thoughts in a Lyons in Stockton, California about ten years ago while watching a piano teacher eat tuna surprise and drink lemonade. It just took me a while to fit the pieces of the story together.

it was a nice story, i didnt see the “(fiction)” bit, so i was reading as if it was supposed to be a real story, and it came out like a real biography, it was very entertaining to read. By the way, check over the bit with where you write about his first performance in 1919 when he was 17 and his DOB being changed, i think you have worked out the age wrong.


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one of our memberz poztz hiz own literature here from time to time :tm:

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I’ve found one site that claims a birth date of 1903 and a first concert date of 1920. As I understand it, he was actually older than 17 at the time at least from one of the biographies.

thanks for picking it up and I’ll try to work out the year and ages. I’d also seen 1904 as a legal birth year. That’s why it’s sometimes easier to just say it’s all “fiction” :smiley:

1903 is the correct year

I believe it was changed so as to make him younger than he actually was so he wouldn’t have to go into the army.

He was actually born in 1903, but lied and said 1904 so that he didn’t have to go to the army.

for the specific info re: date of birth. these sorts of things are always helpful.

So someone else here writes music short stories?