Hofmann Vol 9 finally being released

Tru, Dey called my ass and asked if I still want it, since I preordered in 2007 tru (was initially supposed to be a 2008 release)

Daim, I’m not getting it tho, it won’t have too many new recs, actually just a few alternate takes, and a new source of his 1936 broadcast previously released.

Hofmann is pretty well documented in concerti but not in solo rep.
I’m not a huge fan of his playing anymore anyway, I hardly ever listen to Hofmann.

In 2007 I was a Hofmann NUT. 8)

Gosh! It sure is about time. Any word on when?

They sent me an email about it, said my card had expired (no shit) and that it would cost $50.
I said no thanks.
It’s pretty much only for completists, and I am not a completist.
He’s still one of my favourites even if I’ve moved away from that sort of playing in the past 10 years.

They said next few weeks.
Tru, there really isn’t any material for a volume 9.