Holy fuck.....da zim brahms

cgi.ebay.com/BRAHMS-3-Piano-Sona … dZViewItem

[color=cyan]$450 plus da auction hasn’t yet ended.


da zim himzelf disliked tiz album, so he asked DG permission to stop distributing it. only a limited quantities were available. ov cuz, it’s rare but da price is anally raped here.

i’d rather spend $ on da dong future CDs.


Da bidderz is mildly insane. Diz not exactly a :pimp: cylinder or anything.

I have this set. It’s not that good.

WTF :lib:

hahaha…da zim wud be proud of tiz.


Zim: “lol these people pay 800 bucks for a shitty rec”

hahahahaha!!! MMTS (More money than sense). $800 for a pile of caca :smiley: hahaha

7 mthz gone by, da price haz randomly 8)

cgi.ebay.com/ZIMERMAN-BRAHMS-3-P … dZViewItem


:dong: tru, da kritty will offer $20.


hahaha pozz I vill look around, steal dis n sell it on da bay to anotha dumbfuck :dong: