Holy fuck!!


Jesus fucking Christ, she really plays that SO well…
Rachmaninov Etude in A minor, Op. 39 No. 6

u haff dizcoeverd da slit



Slit? what the fuck is that? I just see a not-so-hot blonde kicking ass at a Rachmaninov etude. you sound you have more recordings of her though… HINT

What the…?


uh, “enjoy…”

I see she removed her Prokofiev 7…

It was incomparably shitty.


So is da Don Juan if I remembah

Awww…sdc noobs are so cute.


hahaha da noobnezz :laughing:

if u are lucky enough, u might find the Volodos video which like blows this off the horizon.

Her Chopin etudes DVD should have won the best editing and visual/sound effect in Oscar.

i muzt zay i enjoy watching her playin zimply becauze of da hand movemntz. i dunno wat about it ezactly, but iz very smooth and graceful.

I second the Jeff statement.

same here wif doin a sarcastic grin … haha

dayum u see how her hair movez in a closed room ??

I watched her play Chopin’s polonaise in aflat major… It’s not her best piece is it.

Full respec, but iz you ghey?