HOLY SHIT - (Headphones)

So I decided to spend some time with the dan clark stealths again. THX 789 legendary but decided to spring for a Topping A90 to drive them. Not sure I sensed any improvements beyond placebo there. .

Out of curiosity checked to see if there was a convolution filter for Stealth now because they seemed a little fat in the low end on my head.

JESUS FUCK ME 10X better! With the tonality not fattened all the insane measurements I read about clicked. Depending on rec quality its like a window for your ears. The arrausal moist made my eyes wet like an old lady and his Trans etudes sound so fucking huge - like all nuts. Respek his aged girth.

Which dac are you using?

Lmao Daim.
Sold. Now listen to a Poon vlog :smiling_imp:

How expensive are these?!

The topping something 90SE



I see, so you mean you upgraded da preamp for the Dan Clark headphones

I think aside from headphone all less than 1k a piece. Measures better than even the stuff that is 10x price tho cuz the genzui Chinese engineers built it.

Dude wtf.

Ok, any recommendation for an ok pair that I can wear for 5 hours a day without fatigue? I need it for da 7-day a week teaching marathons

The fancy headphones I’m drawn to tend to be heavier and would be kinda lame for all day stuff. When I was working at a shared picnic table errr I mean “open office” I used wired in ears just cuz it shut out the sound of people not working, was also nice because people would think I was on a call so I could avoid hearing about 40 boring weekends. Those I used cheapo sets cuz wear and ear was high.

Could you suggest a headset (with mic) with an XLR mic connector output for my interface?

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I’d be guessing on it honestly. I’d ping a dude that does similar work and see how his setup comes together. That way you can ask practical things about comfort and use case.

When I’m doing studio work, I regularly wear a pair of BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro headphones for 5+ hours and feel fine afterwards.

Nice flat (chest/earth) response too. :dong:


An affordable pair.

I wonder if there is anything lighter?

DT770 are for recording…they’re clinical sounding.

For all day wearing you want something more mellow.

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I wonder if there is a lightweight headphone solution

Something that’s light and does not press on the ears.

Go on Reddit’s Headphones group and you’ll get solid advice.