Horowitz- Jacket Collection (70 CDs)


a great bargain.


amazon.com/Vladimir-Horowitz … 242&sr=8-3

This (avaxhome.ws/music/classical/fiubui_wiu8hfu.html) is an even better bargain. I have the entire thing in lossy if you’re interested.

yeah but buying it you actually get to put it on your shelf. Downloading isn’t the same even if it’s lossless + scans.

I’ve always found that a bit superficial. I’ve bought A LOT of CDs (easily $10 000), but once I’ve ripped them I’m done with them. I don’t see what keeping them on the shelf does for you. Unless you have a lot of people over and you like them to SEE how cultured and impressive you are :wink: (This is similar to my brother’s logic against buying an ebook reader. “How will people be able to see what I’m reading?” wtf)

I’m guessing you don’t have OCD :wink:

Nah but seriously I just like to see them all lined up nicely (by label and colour), it’s not about showing off I can assure you; people here couldn’t give a fuck about classical music and probably would think you’re a little strange. I find it quite limiting having music on my computer because it’s not in my bedroom so I can’t play it when I go to sleep nor can I play it in my car. I guess I’m still a bit of a luddite.

seeing this set kinda pisses me b/c i once bought the original jacket collection of :ho: for like $100 for 10 cd set and now look what happens.

depreciation rate is abit unacceptable here.


wow everyone still milking horowitz for what he’s worth as a name nowadays. most people who buy that probably wont be bothered to listen to all of it anyway…

You can’t as easily play mp3’s or flac on your hifi system, which is still the best potential for sound… I have alot of digital music but owning the original record/cd is still a priority for me

you could hook your hifi system up to your computer…

not exactly a paragon of convenience, is it?

You can hook your portable player up to your system which is very convenient.

chris, what do u think about the new sennheiser hd 800? it’s said to be the best headphone for classical music. the price is kinda raped.

They look incredible. If only I had $1400 lying around…

If your looking for a decent set of headphones i seriously recommend these.

akg.com/personal/K_450,pcati … and,1.html

Theyre comfy, shuts out noise and the sound is incredible. Excellent quality as well.