Horowitz Old Newspaper Stuff / Pre 1933 broadcast recital in Warsaw?

Turns out this was a diff horowitz

"1941 horowits plays Falla, Grieg and a Tranny of Lucia for LH alone??

Anyhow looks like the Lechititsky LH Lucia @festinfurious played :icon_stopw_sdc_473:

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This is better. a 1934 crappy review. “Though he may never be another Paderewski he may well become another Rachmaninoff”

Horowitz finger injury in early 41. Around time he was playing shit like feux follets as well as bangy pieces.

Incidentally, Horowitz said FF was the hardest sheeyat he ever played.

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Yes, it certainly does. Would have been amazing to hear da HO in dat parasheeyat. I can imagine his lightness adding a lot to it. It’s not super difficult, but still tricky.

Db fits the LH like a glove, very pianistic key to play/write in.

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Wow horowitz did an international broadcast from Poland pre 1933 THis from May 5th that year.

Anybody know about this?


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I used my three free searches here but I think Horowitz Also broadcasted two concerts during the mid early 30s in UK.

Searched for Horowitz, Broadcast and got something about Queens Hall, Adrian Boult and a 9.30 recital broadcast I’m too cheap to check out.


It’s unlikely any of them have survived alas. Archiving didn’t begin to be feasible for radio stations until magnetic tape arrived in the late 1940s, and BBC even kept reusing tapes at least all the way up to the mid 1960s. Private recordings were made already in the 30s of course… but these VH broadcasts aren’t in any known collection, and new ones from this long ago only appear in Australia. It’s a side effect of the fourth Lagrange condition in massless quantum relativity alas, nothing we can do about it.


That’s too bad. Wonder if Russia snatched polsikiradio archives in WW2? The delayed broadcast element is what caught my eye.

Side note , I remember hearing a possibly apocryphal rumor Horowitz was planning to compete in the Chopin international competition. looks like he could. Was in town in 32ish on leg up to Netherlands etc. maybe more to this than I thought.

It is a different Horowitz!
Harry Marc Horowitz wtf

Lhevinne did weekly broadcasts in 1933 - and only the Tchaik 1 movts 2 and 3 survive from that.
Apparently those weekly 30 min broadcasts were all devoted to one major work…

What a rough time for a pianist coming up at that time to be named horowitz a well lol!

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Yeah wtf

I’d do a Solomon and insist they drop all names but Horowitz :sunglasses:

I’d then send my picture to the papers on Jan.12 1928 :sunglasses:


Hahaha :sunglasses:

Going to guess this dude just used commercial recs to talk about 1933 and not the Ho broadcasts from that time but still…


Horowitz was selected to compete by da Soviet Union authorities in 1927.

It would have required him to return to Russia first, so he wuz like “fuck dat u commie baztards”

Oh man distinct Horowitz personality in a Comp environment. I wonder where he would have placed?

He would’ve won for sure.