Horowitz :ho: Schumann Carnaval 👟 🎪 aka Da HO Zhoe Carnage

diz an abzolute CG clazzic but wiz momentz ov GENSUI

did da HO record/programme diz earliah?

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I think he played it in the early 30s. Pozz wikid then.


Man those Tokyo recordings :frowning:

So much stuff this guy played and never recorded. Would give one appendage to hear da Ho play Scarbo or Brahms paganini or Prok 6 & 8.

Edit: didn’t he play a bunch of Medtner too? Such a loss.

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of course. Da HO carnaval was a staple in his rep until around 1926.

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Tru I expected zo but neva programmed it at any rectal in which he wuznt druggd up? wut a zhame


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Presumably his last non fucked concert with tiz

March 12, 1926: Paris Conservatory, France

Bach/Busoni: Prelude & Fugue in D major, BWV 532
Schumann: Carnaval, Op.9

Rachmaninoff: Five Preludes
Liszt: Au lac de Wallenstadt
Liszt: Valse Oubliée No.1
Schubert/Liszt: Liebesbotschaft
Schubert/Liszt: Erlkönig
Saint-Saëns/Liszt: Danse Macabre, Op.40