Horowitz Uncle

On an internet spiral from Margulis recs. Did not know any of this of Hos uncle who play loud.


How are you acclimating at your new job?

It’s actually pretty freakin hard. The steering committees basically make a list of the grossest problems in your space that nobody can solve and then they land on your desk - not accompanied by a plan or resources. You just gotta make everything happen. Put together work groups, work with academics and consultants making progress on solutions, and then consensus build between gov and industry people. Also, gotta find threads of work you can tie back into amongst existing work at the forum to make a cohesive position and align with those experts. When all that is done gotta create a reductive but highly rigorous briefing doc to preserve the thinking in time so it can be referenced later for future work. I‘m reading hundreds of pages a week between work group drafts and delivered and pending papers from all the other initiatives and platforms.

It is real nerd stuff, but I’m hanging in there so far. Also picking up skills which will serve me well working as a janitor after tech fully implodes and I miss my earning window doing whatever this shit is.