hough recital on france musique today - recording ?

hello - hope someone can record this today at 8pm paris

best regards,


francemusique.fr/emissions/ … oven-58885

I recorded it; to save (my) time, I will post it as a single track (with a Word file of the content listing) in the other part of the forum…later today.

thanks - looking forward to that

How do you guys record radio?

deutschlandradio.de/erste-sc … 40.de.html

In German, but otherwise outstanding

My German’s worse than my Russian.
I used to be able to say “I need a smoke” but I can’t remember now.

German has a lot of similarities with my native language, plus it’s mostly single words you have to learn to use it like Aufnahmen=Record etc, but it is a bit cumbersome for me too. I wish they’d make a version in English. Aside from that it carries just about every station on the planet the two features which have made it indispensable for me are lossless recording and scheduling, meaning that as soon as I hear about a broadcast I can ask the program to record it for me and it’ll wake my PC up and do it automatically when it’s time.

hmm sounds interesting.
I might run this through google translate and try it out!
The one thing I know from your language is that bra doesn’t mean bra. :wink:

In this case, I was streaming from the France Musique site as it was broadcast. I have various programs from NCH, one of which is “SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder”. (I don’t think they have a package of programs in one, they seem to sell their wares “a la carte”. In addition, I have their “Switch Converter” for converting file formats, “Wave Pad” sound editor, and a couple video editing/converting programs (the video progs I don’t use very much.)

CJ’s program might have some better features—he mentions timer recording for instance. The NCH does not have a timer capability.

Haha. No, but if she takes it off you can still shout it.