how classical music has changed in the past 50 years

April 14, 1958:

November 27, 2008: (watch from start to finish)

hahahahahaha but at least da dong haz CG.

diz mofo, on da othah hand, haz NO redeeming qualities:

hahahaha man wtf tha ERNIE iz lyk 6’5 or zum zheeyat?

respec da fucking akward pose

haha true, pozz a draw between Clayderman and Rieu. Rieu is the Clayderman of Violin.

hahaha I sell a lot of fuckin Rieu at mah job

But even worse I think is Richard Abel

Holy jesus.

hahahaha! Slapnutz, respect for this hillarious post! I’m wondering what LL will do next…

FFFFFFFFFFFUCK how did i miss that

in 50 mo yearz tha top pieniztz will be makin a livin doin background m*zic double ended dildo ass scenez tru

awesome hand-zyncin

mucho improvment from da Olympic