How do Marston record his stuff?

Is it just regular playback stuffs? This IRENE stuff is insanely cool. The playback method supercedes the recording method and the fidelity of the cutting and reading stylus.

Imagine the master Tfers from this shite and endless ability to tweek digitally into something meaningful for output.

Also broken stuff reconstruction interesting. Do anybody have Ho’s 8th sonata shards? Hmmmm.

Turns out there are only three of these going at the moment but looks like one can be leased or some shite… Audio Preservation with IRENE — NEDCC

In this video you can see what system he is using:

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Wait, what?


^^^ also cuts cookies

Horowitz broke the acetate discs to another 1945 concert where he did the NYC premiere of the Prok 8. He played it from the score so it might have been a sightrape that he deliberately destroyed

At any rate, they concert does not exists anymore.

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I’ve heard the story, but haven’t heard anything about broken fragments surviving.

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Yeah, very doubtful that anything survived