How good wuz da :pimp: z Technique?

A much zpeculated zheeyat, how gud wuz hiz tech? If u wuz to compare it to modern ztandardz

  • Betta den anyone alive today
  • About da level ov da average college ztudent
  • Da zame level az da modern peak tech mofoz
  • On par wiz da Friedman, Rach etc.

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I zpeculate hiz diatonic zcalez wuz a bit zheeyat az he uze 2-handz patternz fo 18 npz zcalez :wim:





Tech isn’t a scalar quantity… If you try to crown a champion you’ll always be able to find a few other mofos who did specific aspects of it better.

I’ll just say this: as good as anyone who has ever lived. He would be among the first names to pop up when the subject is mentioned.

I’m with da x - his pupils, who were no slouches themselves, always said he was on another unreachable technical and musical level.

If you were a :wim: devotee, the only logical choice is college mofo level.

Joking aside, I’m sure there are many people alive today who have his level of tech… mechanically speaking. Totally unconvinced the same is true when it comes to control of sonority, and it’s also pretty obvious that he had a virtually unmatched level of charisma.

Probably the same level as Friedman, Rosenthal, Sauer etc.

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Daiiiim I thought da zepp already anzahed diz :sunglasses:

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It wuz as good az today’s best mofo but da :pimp: could do all ov dat at sight

Also, his instant TRANZ from an orchestral score wuz legendaire

There is simply no reason to believe that Liszt’s technic was as good as the technic of the best pianists of today

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Alzo objectively

Diz type of queztion, whenevah tiz azked about a pazt legend in any field, zhud be zeparated into 3 diztinctly different zcenarioz:

  1. Da PRIME PIMP iz teleported to 2019 n inzta-DUEL a top mofo of today

  2. Da PRIME PIMP iz teleported to 2019 n take 3 or wutevah yrz to familiarize hiz azz wiz nu rep n tech developmentz. Den DUEL

  3. Da nu-born PIMP iz teleported to 1990 or wutevah n made to learn da 88 togethah wiz hiz modern rivalz. Den DUEL in 2019 :sunglasses:

Da zepp anzah to all 3:

  1. Below top 2000 level
  2. Around top 200 level
  3. Between top 50 n top 20 :sunglasses:

How many of today’s best pianists can play da Tanned Ho at da ORCH tempo?

How many living mofos even attempted da original TEz, da CUNT BANDIT?

Da pimp was basically a lezz-vulgar Yuja wiz longer legs.


But a sumwut biggah :dong::sunglasses:


Rezpek da fucking lezbo??? Zhorly not :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know, and I don’t know how well he played those pieces

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Haha surely da pimp could easily play any of his compos, mofo.

Anyway, juz imagine a :zif: tempo GGC wiz all da leaps n innah notes.

So we should just assume that Godowsky could play his etudes better than Libetta?

I am just saying that we cannot be sure how Liszt played since we haven’t heard him. I would assume he was on the same level as other pianists of the early 20th century that we have recordings of today. Of course it is possible he was the best technical pianist of all time

we will nevah know anyway.

Da fact is, very few mofos haff recorded da pimp GEz, Original paganinis, cunt bandit, gross spanish hookah etc and few mofo could play da Tanned Ho in da propah tempo wiz all da colors etc

How many living mofos cud unleash da Chopetz op 10 at sight?

Pozz da pimp tech az gud as today’z mofo but nobody wud approach da level ov raw muzical ability like sightfucking full scores, concs wiz orch part in dem, doing an instant trans of da tanned ho overture on stage right aftah da orch played it or unleashing da Izlamic Bombah right after hearing da Anton TruRudy rape it.

Hahah rezpec da zepp pracdickal azzezzment but I haf to admire da TRUMOFO faith

Becuz DIZ FAITH n hero worzhip iz wut inzpire nu generationz ov mofoz to reach fo da impozzizheeyat

tru - da PIMP unleazhd da cumplete CHOP op10 in 5 minz

if we keep believin dat, 1 day it vil happen :sunglasses:

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