How much sleep do you get per night on average?

Been there done that, many times over the years. Yes, insomnia. Some of their recommendations are impossible for example, sleep scheduling, where you force yourself to only sleep between set times, and where you’re supposed to leave your bed everytime you’re awake. Moreover, you’re not supposed to do anything stimulating like reading or watching TV during these times. So basically you’re supposed to just sit in a chair in the dark doing nothing for hours before trying again to sleep. Fuck that.

I didn’t know you had it THAT bad…

When did this start, in your teens?

Tru, when I was 17. I pretty much have to take my sleep where I can, and make up the rest on weekends. This is why I ended up doing most of my practising at night, because I was awake with nothing else to do.


It almost feels that way. A local friend here was down over a chick in highschool, talked to a doctor who gave him prescription antidepressants. He’s 37 somewhere today and I think he’s taken care of this now, but up until just a few years ago he was still on them! It led to numerous other health problems, including insomnia, for which they also happily prescribed sleeping pills which fucked things up even more. I’m absolutely positive his initial low period over the girl would have subsided on its own within a week or two, but the problems which came with the “treatment” lasted 20 years.

I’m not against standard healthcare of course, it does remarkable things and it will only get better, but I’ve learned enough about them to stay clear of any kind of meds I’m sure aren’t essential. You have to keep in mind docs see a patient when you step in to their office, and will use the tools at his disposal for the described symptoms, but though it’s thankfully no longer magical concoctions and bloodletting it’s still crude stuff from a field which feels very young.

I’m amazed he even went to a doctor so easily. For me, I only went to a doctor after telling my parents that something was wrong, and I only did this because the alternative was suicide. Even then, the GP put me on such a low dose of SSRIs that I was still deeply depressed for another year until I saw a psychiatrist, who increased my dose to something that worked. Since then, I’m extremely sceptical of the ability of local GPs to treat patients presenting with severe mental health issues.

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Yes, I should add I have another friend as well - his next door neighbor in fact - who was down for a much longer period, was given antidepressants, and who is more or less his old self again now. This too however was 3-4 years ago, and I learned as recently as four hours ago that he too is still on them. Low dose and I’m not aware of any significant side effects, but still. I’m sure it’s at least great for whichever company manufactures them.

Oh, went to see a doctor so easily - it was several years ago I heard it now, but I think he was there for a sports injury or similar and just mentioned the “depression” in passing. This would have been in the mid 90s, I’m sure procedures are different today, but I just couldn’t believe they put a 15 year old kid on benzo(?) for girl problems.

He wouldn’t have been on a benzo, those are anti-anxiety and only for short term use. He would’ve been on an antidepressant, probably an SSRI or a TCA. I’m glad that I didn’t have any of these issues in high school, it would’ve been tough. My issues came from no where right when I turned 20.

Yes, SSRI sounds familiar. I remember he mentioned something benzo based as well though, maybe the sleeping pills. Either way I was alarmed at hearing it when he told me about it, since I knew he wasn’t 100 but not that his problems were caused by old meds he couldn’t phase out (we don’t know each other that well - we often worked out together at the gym and I’ve acted assistant math/physics teacher for him on occasion, but we rarely see each other privately).

holy shit


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Yeah, super-harrison. :slight_smile:

I said 5 hours but on average it’s maybe closer to 6. 5 is a typical night, but I sleep more during the weekends. I need 7 though, it’s just that I’m too dumb to go to bed when I should.

If I’m free to sleep as much as I want, and when I want (so it doesn’t need to be 8 hours unbroken), then I’d get a minimum of 8 hours. However, when I’m in school or working it usually ends up being considerably less, with the “sleep debt” being made up on weekends or napping between the time I’d come home from work and go to the gym.

I was considering where to put the outer reaches of the poll. Looks like I was right!

No one reaching 10 and no one dipping to 3, but everyone in between.

Tiz y da zepp didn vote in diz poll :sunglasses:

Da zepp pozz a 6 hour sleep mofo

I like to get a minimum of 7, and most of the time I get it. It just takes discipline to get into bed early. During my 20s I didn’t have the discipline, but now I’m better. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a very good sleeper - it never takes me more than 10 mins to fall asleep. Occasionally, when school is rough and my anxiety is elevated, I’ll have some trouble sleeping. But this might be 5 or 6 times a year, at most.

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Ten minutes! I’m super jealous. For me it’s an hour minimum, even when I’m in a good sleeping pattern.

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Same here.
I can’t sleep until I relived all the great moments I had with my ex, den imagine playing a 30 second 10/2 wiz no cheats, fantasize about Friedman and Busoni rectals and having more than $500 in ma bank accunt.


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