How to deal with forearm soreness/tightness

For a few months now I have been dealing with dis sheeyat - forearm tightness that is sometimes like a dull soreness, similar to sore muscles after working out, but unable to fully unleash for fear of getting seriously injured and at the same time unable to put in as many practice hours as I would like. It has verrrrry slowly been improving, but literally taking months, and Im wondering how I should proceed going forward. My teacher has given me some technical advice, like playing with more looseness, lifting hands from the keys wherever possible, stuff like that.
You guyz have any other tips, practices, or tricks???

if the specifics matter, although I haven’t been to the doctor, my amatcha diagnosis is it is strain in the like upper extensor muscle sheeyatz

Maybe once @Dr.TM comes back he might have something to say!

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For the year I played seriously when a teenager I got a good set of stretches from a string player friend. Found out later they were tennis elbow stretches.

Tennis Elbow Stretches & Exercises - Ask Doctor Jo - YouTube

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Awesome, thanks

A bazic principle to cunzida iz da tenzion ov a muzcle iz often da rezult - not ov weaknezz - but ov da underuze ov da oppozing muzcle group and da overwork n overload ov da zore muzcle

da zepp often experience a diztinct type of pain durin 88 prax, da expertz call it

vertigo :sunglasses:




Hmmm what kind of rep have you been playing?

In all honestly, Da TM advice is to practice less “full force”. Limit your full rape force unleashes and work on playing full speed but light…

The soreness you may be feeling could be from any number of factors, even something like practicing on a piano with an action that is too heavy or being seated too low (or too high)

But yeah, if you’ve been raping through stuff like Da Erldong or HR 6, or any other sheeyat with a ton of highly repetitive tech, den soreness is a natural consequence and simply means dat you should dial back the full-force practice a bit and go back to the drawing board for a while.

Dat is smart, tru

All that being said, forearm soreness (upper part, not the underside) is NOT a symptom of using muscles improperly, the muscles there are quite a bit stronger den Da ligaments on Da underside of the hand.

So whatever you is feeling is not necessarily a result of improper tension distribution, but tru, dial back a bit mofo!


Az zumone dat rezearchd diz…

Tru da less I jack off da less forearm pain

Whoulda think?!

recuperative fisting likely most medicinal cure from excess of jacking… it explains a lot when you think about it.


recuperative fisting sounds like a good plan fo dis special edition of lockdown Valentines day! rezpec mofos
and rezpec to @Dr.TM fo you wise words

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Maybe you are not doing it right? Idk, watch some educational videos about proper monkey-spanking tech


Rezpek yoself n keep us updated. Any pain at Da 88 (aside from the pain of yo anus being stretched) is a warning sign dat you need to chill down asap

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Respek this hustle Betty Dodson!

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