How to increase learning speed, attention span, and focus

Don’t unleash the dragon, free willy, or spank your monkey.

When you let loose, chemicals in da brain tell you to relax. This shit builds up slowly, and you become more docile and friendly.

Holding back turns you into a real dick, but, on the plus side, when there is no vaginal/mantacular distractionz around, yo focus is increased due to increased anality and extreme use of will power to avoid turning loose.

You begin to look at music much da way same way you look at da tits and ass ([size=59]or c0ck[/size])

Turning and splurging ( and I mean SPUR-GING) every couple of days or so helps keep da hormones up

So go be merry and dont spank your monkey

Or if diz is to hard fo you, if you truly be weak, and nothing can stop you from touching yoself

Go drink some arizon green tea or some red bull

Fuk I should be getting paid fo this :chop:

yep, i should pay you in ziffro…


instead, u shud keeep outt all stimulationss ie. entertaintments…

brlief meeeeeeeeeee

oh fine… :smiling_imp:

da topik iz ov utmozt importance.

but mah-bad-self don’t think not spankin da monkee iz da full solution.


rezpec tru



what about sex with woman?

good or bad?

Good at first


Then Bad

Then worse

Sex builds up lazy chemicals n men

not wholely tru but not all a lie


wait, so r u recommeding it or not??