How to play a legato chromatic scale using only your thumb

While a stunning Romanian beauty is watching, mr. Szasz is demostrating his thumb technique:

Watched for the chick, had to click on a related video to see her.
I’m not sure where you’d need to do a thumb chromatic legato for more than 3 or 4 notes ?
It would probably have to be an octave passage, like the third ballade which almost everyone splits between the hands anyway.

A bit too fat, now that I watch more carefully (I mean the chick).
Yes, obviously it’s helpful for playing octaves as legato as possible.

Had a few friends learn with him. One did not end well…

Yes I heard some stories about Szasz being not such a pleasant man for some of his pupils…

In general, I think people forget about how beautiful Romanian girls can be.
In Europe, Romanians are so associated with gypsies that they have a lousy reputation.
I used to joke with a Romanian friend that you can’t spell Romania without “Rom”; she wasn’t impressed.

This organ technique has been tried so many times on piano but it’s really kinda useless