How to practice dynamics?

So I’m picking this up again. I realize when I try to put dynamics on it my fingers go to shit or I have random rape explosions of volume and or things go missing.

How do you mofos practiced dynamics on pieces? When I hear a really great pianist live it seems like they have complete freedom there and good pro pianists tend to have some sort of chords are loud passage work is even and mezzo forte sort of formula they go by. What is the tru way for a Dilettante to shoot for?

Imho you can only work on dat on various acoustic instruments, n playing full force.

Once you play in a hall you sort of learn how to “project” out, perhaps less about actual volume and more about know how to milk each register for what it is.

Note how da huge tractor milf piano room prax sound juz turn cottony on dose in-hall bootleg vids.

Balance n tone quality do more for “dynamics” den actual dynamics.

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That makes good sense. I noticed even on the digi depending on volume loud or soft playing same way radically different sounding dymanics and tone wise. I suppose its how all those elements interact with the spaces and instruments. Fuck piano hard.

Tru. At sum point, around 2011, da TM got obsessed with “projection” in a hall, and my playing randomly got considerably heavier with far too many non-legato effects.

You juz gotta know how to play out for each venue size etc…

And all of this is less hard den finding a gud chick :hui: and not losing yo ass entirely in da stock market like a degenerate gambler

This interesting and reminds me of the first scrib prelude from horowitz album. It sounds crazy in his living room on that crazy percussive Ho era piano. In a hall probably hugely wikid.

Tru, dat album juz an abysmally mic setup. Da Ho tone juz blooms out on da last row of da Met Opera House, not in a dick-cage tiny ass living room on half stick.

Diz more den anything, a symptom of practicing on da Digi too much.


Yeah, I’d say praxing on a digi is very much the enemy of getting dynamic cuntrol.

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ya, I would agree it is heavily affected by da quality/type of instrument. Even on a good upright its difficult achieve dat good pianissimo. I guess as my teacher tells me, it’s all about the contrast, so if you can’t get da true pp, then contrast it with more forte surrounding it. Other than that, he tells me to practice as if Im barely touching the keys at all just to get da feel. You can also try practicing with da left pedal, just to get an idea of what the sound should sound like, then take it away and try to imitate dat lighter sound with no left pedal. (Although, I don’t know how useful dat would be on a digi.) And then put all those tools together to hopefully achieve closer to da true vision.

Dude - if you’re on a digi, just play everything FF and buy a volume pedal:



Tru. I kind of resent how prevalent da DIGI has gotten.
Imma go ahead and say it is complete unsuitable for any pro work unless you are in a last-resort type of situation.

Where would a digi be acceptable?

Let’s say you pick up a local management and you get the low fee of $300 per concert but they pay all the transportation and hotel fees and you buy a $200 Asian hooker for a quickie after every concert and then facetym da :hui: , you can agree to having a portable DIGI provided for your warmups.

Then again, you’re only juggling 1 concert program on tour and you don’t even need da digi to begin with.

THEN it makes some kind of sense.


Let me put it this way. Da digi produce tone on its own. You’re a pianist, not an organist or orgasmist.

How satisfactory would it be for a serial rapist to rape a fleshlight?

Yeah, I thought so.

A digi is like those soy burgers that turn the fuckin frogs ghey.


The absolute genzui of a volume pedal. Damn I’m really gonna have to rent time in a practice e space. I got thirds etude, FF and thenoodle above all sort awaiting acoustics practice to progress and get stable. Should probably bite bullet and book time.

Maybe a space with one of these to do some scrib preludes? Hmmm…

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Respectable fury levels


Sum how even gheyer den playing da organ

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I was on a clarinet kick a few days back. It is the greatest instrument and central to 70s porn music and the funk movement. Respek it’s stank and forgive this white man for his attempts at said stank.

I agree. I spent ages working on one before I got a proper 88, and it took me months to fully undo the harm it had done to my control of tone and dynamics. A digi Is great for fingerwork and passages, awful for tone and pedalling.


It is especially bad for learning new rep, right when most of the habits are formed.

I simply cannot work on the Brahms Paganini on the digi. It ain’t gonna happen and I certainly do not want to pick up bad habits right off the bat.

Fuck the digi.


to achieve perfect muzicality da rape explozionz zhud be on da ztrong beatz :zepp:


Ahahahah da zepp pazt 10 yrz 90% DIGI prax

Objectively wikid dynamicz :sunglasses:


damn this better than original


I request a zepp et based on the opening clavinet funk lick from Betty Davis track above! Fuck i wonder if it would fit with asspassion sonata ending?

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