how to strengthen the "pinky"?

My pinky on the left hand tends to collapse (more specifically, the proximal interphalangeal joint) whenever it strikes a key. Any ways to correct/strengthen it?

da doctah recommends practicing yo octs at insane speeds, fastah den u can handle

you may get da disease on da pinky, but da speed u achieve > permanent damage to yo hand

if u do dat u will b da tru mofo


Chopin’s etudes can strengthen your fingers particularly ur pinky.

hahaha, try workin on da godowsky 10/2 lh version

make sho dat u get yo pinky erect 8)

I don’t know if this helps but I know that when I did weights on a regular basis, I was told you shouldn’t bother exercising your forearms because they get enough work from just lifting the barbells and dumbells. I found this is true.

Do that and you will terrorize the keyboard. Hehe. :smiling_imp:

hahahahaha wtf ??

hahaha, da doofus iz an advocate of da arnie school of penism 8)

diz school haz produced sum excellent ornstein interpretaurz in da past. 8)

hahahaha, actually da only wikid ornstein interp mofo iz da DOC 8)

mah pinky duz dis sheeyat too sumtimes…

sumtimes i land an octave funny and it duz dis shit, guess i need to practice my octs more :smiley:

damn u fools got some retarded fingahs

my sheeyat aint never done dat

 u should quit if dat sheeyat dont fix itself

hahaha, doesnt happen to me eitha 8)

You gotta be a guitar playing fool man! That should be like teh cool. 8)

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u kno, jacyl, dis could probly be da prob…

dis most happens to me when im ‘up high’ or ‘on top’ of da keys moreso than laying flat, like when my wrist is jakced up in da air. sumtimes dis kind of effect is inescapable, like when u haff fingah 1 on a black key and u iz stretchin ur fingah 5 to a white key dat is kinda far away. but i think da best thing is 2 try to keep da fingah 5 as parallel 2 da keys as possible and u (and i) could prbly avoid dis shit.

its kinda a habit 4 me tho to play up higher when i get into it. when i put lotsa force into it i tend 2 play higher like dis, which is probly da prob. dat and i dont make a conscious effort to stay parallel 2 da keys (like dis one part in rev etude its like fingah 1 on black going to fingah 5 on white; sometimes dis shit happens there cuz im worried about landin da note, not using proper tech)

i might be wrong tho, but dis is my observation

da hamburglah 8)