How uzeful are 'Gradez' n Piano 'Examz'?

Both fo mazelf az a prozpectiv teacha, n az advice fo prozpectif ztudentz

Lotz ov ztudentz want to ztudy to achieve a ‘Grade’

Are deze juz money-makin conz arbitrarily zhowin u can play to a ‘benchmark’ ztandard? :lib:

Make a poll, I’ll tell you ma anzwer :sunglasses:

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Mostly, yes IMO, although it can be a nice “goal” for some beginners to work with.
Personally I avoid the Yamaha grading system like the plague, don’t like it. I try to bring out the best in each individual pupil doing it my own way. If they want to do competitions or grading exams, fine, but I don’t actively encourage them.

Opinionz on da ABRZM in pardickular? dey iz popular here

Don’t know that club well, but from what I’ve heard I often don’t like the pieces dey select for the exams.

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I try to avoid doing ABRSM grades unless the student or parent is insistent. I don’t have so much of a problem with the rep (it’s a mix of core rep, early 20c pieces with titles like ‘Elf Song’, and pretty shite modern stuff), but if you get stuck on the exams treadmill unless you have a really disciplined pupil who really wants to work, by the time the reach grade 8 they can play 24 pieces pretty decently, but have no grasp of the broader canon and probably can’t sight-read well either. Learning lots of pieces to a reasonable standard is better than learning a few to performance. Dohnanyi says that in the intro to his exercises.


watch at 24:50

da ztudent knowz da zhub imp

But duznt even reconize da ode to joy


Diz zeemz lyk da clazzic example ov a ztudent who juz ztudiez hiz piecez and iznt actually pazzionate about muzik in general, quite zad


That’s depressing! But exactly what the ABRSM railroad leads to. You think that Felix Swinstead and Haydn are comparable composers because they were both in your Grade 3 exam.


There are so many pianists I wish would study with Schiff. He’s a great teacher.

Some young pianists rather need excitement and flair in their playing and would do better with… I don’t know, Libetta or someone, but what the majority of students really need is colour, sound production, detail, character, and musical insight - all of which he’s a master at teaching.


da X didnt noe da zpring waltz

n da zepp didnt noe any einaudi

No big deal :sunglasses:


Well, does not matter, he shud learn all da K-pop songs n fuck every Toniette at da Jyard.
Daim, mofo looks like a movie star already.

I applied for a teaching job at da Chinese Jyard campus.

ofc :dong: :dress: :rabbit2: :underage:

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Not going to get it, but why not - very easy application :dong:

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