How2 get da ultimate zcale zpeed

hahaha da DUCH shoud be renamed

da DAECH 8)

But tru I approve of da gamme mitraillette 8)
For wikid scales, check da ancient SS with tha jeu perlé. :stop:

Azz uzual you’re talking out of your azz… :wink:

And you don’t even know “Madame Saint-Saëns”?

Whut kind of educazion did u haf? :stuck_out_tongue:

pozted in da membahz sect 8)

Da scalemaztah:

Yeah, that’s where I found the link to da Cooke-book.


tru diz a wikid nick, howevah da zepp mildly dizappointed to find

zero tube rezultz fo


ahahahaha diz mofo iz da MAXIM of all tube-88-teachahz


What da fuck?!

Dayum, ok, I kinda like it! 8)

ahaha TRU da zepp m*zical education a highly queztionable zheeyat

da KRITTY tried fo 5 yrz to teach moi da WAY OF DA MOIZT, n failed predicktably

u vil haff

lezz zuccezz 8)

Holy fuck, another feud cummah?

Let’s all remember that we are all brothas on da bootyful flat earth

Gosh, why? Zeppysan is a funny guy, always mocking & ridiculizing - not to be taken too seriously. And his own RAPE approach leads to pretty entertaining results too. :wink:

But not as entertaining as da Douchbag bringing technique to da people (not a single musical note but good SDC approved act):

Aha, da douche responsible for many epic moments!

Hahaha - nice girl but she has to practise more Hanon :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from all the mockery and jokery, the guy can certainly play a good Liszt. Not the most imaginative but pretty impressive.


randomly u need da PRIME-ZKEPTO fury/furry combo to inzpire a feud from da zepp

diz an inzanely unlykly zheeyat tru 8)


a tru innovation 8)

ahahahah all cg azide, da zepp alzo a longtym DUCH fan

da original random crozzhand maztahclazz captured by da MART:

alzo check da inztant CHOPETZ epizode:

i imagine da producahz debatin whethah to uze da KAT or da DUCH fo diz epizode ahahah pozz dey filmed both :sunglasses:

U missed da trugod brief SDC appearance