How2 get da ultimate zcale zpeed

According to da Cooke-book, from page 51: … eggios.pdf

Hahaha pozz!

But how about learning da Brahms Paganini instead of all da balls dry scales? 8)

Dats only fo people like da TM and da Rectum. DA rest of us haf to practice da scales an shit.

Ninja, don’t be so naive to believe that Mikhail-san never practised them. :wink:
The Russian school method is drenched with the practising of technique and scales.
Personally I think they are beneficial for every level of playing…
But it all depends HOW you practise them :wink:

I did practice doze mofos but mostly incorporating dem into my early impros



Pianopera, I wuz flatterin’ da TM by putting him in da Rectum’s company. :rectum:

Sorry, TM.

No comment


da zcalez pozz uzeful fo da intahmediate-level SDC penizt

when u get to advanced level, u need to prax

PURE-RAPE inztead 8)

n random 5 finga comboz pozz

ahahahah fuck i think da zepp only evah praxed n maztahed


zo i iz not qualified to comment on otha zheeyatz 8)

Uh-huh. No cumment. :wink:

ahahaha randomly in a PURE-RAPE approach to 88 tech

da zcale prax can be entirely replaced wiz:

a DAILY RAPE-REGIME of da ZART k545 mvmt1 8)


How about sum raw BROTHA?

TRU, replace wiz da WALDO mvmt1 fo advanced mofoz 8)

Ahah, da ZIMPLETON approach to da piano technique. Respec.
Please publisz an ezzay about da subject. :laughing:

Oh man, da Waldstein movement 1 pozz da best scale workout.

All joking aside, maybe da Brahms Paganini book 2 var 1, datz a gud scale warmup. Da whole book is fucked. I should rec it sum time, it’s currently still recovering from da rectal in a random CAF in October

Sure, you can practise technique and zcales IN da pieces.
Actually, zat should be part of da complete technical workout.
Finding random passages with lotz of zcales - beginning of Mazeppa, ending of the ChopBal 1, Tchaik last mvmt. etc. etc.
But for most of the mofo-penists that is not enuf to maintain legendary 88 zpeed zkills.

I know of Cortot, Backhaus and Darré (to mention a few great ones) who practised da pure zcales whole their lives.

But I guess this is all quite personal…yeah the Brahms-Pag-Vars, an enormous challenge. Good luck TM, want to hear your complete rec. one day.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk

zo da zcalez iz uzelezz aftahall 8)

n da DARRE

ok who da fuck 8)

gamme mitraillette 8)

AHAHAHAH da DUCH clazzic

TRU diz mofo wud be a GOD to da 88opera mofo 8)