Hu be da greatezt penizt of all tym?

tru who iz da TRU GOAT on da 88

  • da gheylib
  • da cladamofo
  • da elton john
  • da maxim
  • da zhreddah

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TRU juz hu iz

da beztezt mofo on da 88? :lib: 8)

From that list, probably Maxim?
Actually, Dudley Moore was a very good pianist.

maxim by about 1 million miles 8)

Vitali Kuprij :smiling_imp:

Lubomyr Melnyk :smiley:

I voted da gheylib, incidentally.

His soul lives on inside da dongah :slight_smile:

It’s nothing compared to da Tatum, but yes, Liberace could play!


i forgot diz TOTAL LEGEND!!! :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:

n tru da GHEY LIB at hiz prime actually a 100% LEGIT MOFO :sunglasses:

n pozz one fo da moz effortlezz techz of all tym

bazically diz mofo only uze 5% of hiz energy fo playin, da otha 95% iz fo facialz n maintainin a fake bonah fo da ladiez 8)



Haha da obligatory “hot chicks”.

Dude you are right. Gay lib deep mastery of face. Gives weird combo vibe. Like a mr rogers that could wreck your downstairs. Is compelling!

hahahaha 50secs in. Da sidewayz glances…What am I doing here!

I have a disc of Dud’s Grieg Concerto and a few of his parodies. Unfortunately made when the disease kicked in, so not great.
But in his prime, great pianist. His Muppet show special has some great skits.
There was also a series called Concerto he did with Tilson Thomas and guests including ADL and Isserlis I think.

To their credit these girls look paid as hell :slight_smile:

da GHEYLIB raw net-worth win:

mannnnn n diz in 1980z dollahz

bazically da only mofo who had a chance to beat diz wuz

da FAKE wiz hiz ill-fated TRUNUTZACK bet :sunglasses:

n alzo

da PAD REF pozz had a chance to beat diz

if he evah engaged in average eaztern european head-of-ztate level corruption 8)

Da pimp turned down 0.5m$ to appear at Barnum’s.

Da wagnah was probably a bit upset, dat woulda bought him a lot of cigarz.

ahahahaha da PIMP juz wanted to chill at home wiz da CAROLYN? 8)

Da pimp knew dat playin in a fuckin CIRCUZ wood be completely zhitting on hiz legacy. 8)

ahahaha fuckkkkkkkkkk zo wut iz…

da mini ZIFFz excuze? 8)