Hyperion- Romantic PC

Dere are, what, 224 cds in dis series now?
When it comez to fury and wikidness, which are your favorites?

hahahah i thought Dephiling to De falla wuz pure CG but tha only reszponse igot was for Horsefucking to Haydn

hahaha therz already a thread aobut diz sumwhere


hhaha wait ur not talkin about the Shacking Up to Chopin aseriez eh?

i mizunderstood.

respc 8)

there iz only 38 cds in this seriez
i hav all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Da lucky jre 8)
how’s going since i left chopinflies?

hail da :god:

cg :dong: :dong:

is this da mofidi??
been a long time.

da Henselt

i can provide fro you all a rec of the vol of your choice.
i iz a nice guy.

da opposit iz alzo tru.


who do you say dis?

i guess nobody wants any of dese cds. your loss.

every bitch on mirc alrdy haz it
but i still lyk u :doc:


jre-100 posts!

and now its 101. your point iz…

You need 100 posts to get into the Secret Brothel, where all the really good stuff is.

i c
see yall in there, if i am accepted in

Do you know how it apply?

yup i already applied to become a truzted membah