I bought a real turntable

I added up hours invested and apparently I am at least 10 times more interested in Turntables than playing piano. So… I caved and bought a mid fi table.

Is the SL1210GR which seems plenty nice enough for what I want to do. Also bought the fluid damping system from KAB because my 78s are pretty trashed and hearing that will keep tracking better aligned.

It should all be here and set up for weekend after next. I’ll kick off with raw transfer of the rach 3 records I cleaned last week. Stay tuned!!

  • El Gordito

Ahahahah fuckkkkk if I find zum rare LPz in ma local pawn zhop I vil fo zhor zend dem yo way :whale:

Lyk paderewzki live at da zaint john imp theatre or zumzheeyat :sunglasses:

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I throw out or ruin most records sadly. Is worth the fun tho.


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dats sick dude. What else you got plugged into it? Headphones, speakers??

title upgrade

I only listen on headphones these days but when casual listening just pump through my tv speaks.

My headphone stack is:

Topping DX7 Pro in Dac mode
THX 789 (greatest hp amp evah!)
Sennheiser 800s

I’m excited about the turntable. I got an ultrasonic cleaner and have been experimenting with surfactant treatments for the records with some ok results. Time to go beyond my AT120usb toy thing but was averse to crazy expensive stuff here. The newer sl1200s seemed right for where I’m at. Anything beyond that seemed overkill for the thrashed records I got.

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Hahah daiiiim