I could use your help in testing my new website!

Hello Everybody–

I have hired a company to do my new website, and it’s basically finished, but we’re going through a slightly complicated test phase because we’re trying to iron out an issue where first-time visitors seem to get re-routed to a third-party, unrelated advertisement site.

You can find it at zsolt-bognar.com

I really hope we can get the problem fixed. If you happen to click the link, it would be a great help to me if you left a short note here saying if it worked for you or if it didn’t, or any issues that may come up. Many thanks!


The link brought me to your site, but after a few seconds it redirected me to the advertisement site (without me having clicked on anything)

Thanks for the feedback! I guess that means it’s not fixed yet… darn it! Back to the drawing boards…

yep. same here…

site lookz good, for 5-6 seconds 8) good luck fixin

it worked fine for me.

Thanks for the feedback… yeah, wow, I hope I can get it fixed soon…

Okay, I think it’s fixed now! Thanks everybody for the help! If you have further problems, do let me know.

I didn’t have it earlier this week, and no problems now!

Other than that, nice website.