I do not lyk myself...

dats it…den he puts his head down…

poor richter…how old was he when he said dat? and Y did he say dat?

h prly zd dt bcwz h ddnt lk hmzlf :rectum: :stop:

dude, it was clearly taken out of context. You can see him looking down while he says that, he iz reading from hiz notebook.

exactly…hez reading suming he wrote…dat he doesnt lyk himself…right???

I don’t think it was hiz motto or anything. Maybe just frustrated at his playing that day. who knows?

da :rectum: wuz conztantly critizin hiz bad zelfz playing

zo he zaid dat sheeeeeeeeyat

he wuz not deprezzed or zome sheeeeeeyat

he wuz juz being da :rectum:


tiz a turly legendary end to dat docu

vil da DONGAH zay diz in 60 yrz tym? :dong:

tiz more likely dat da :dong: will maztabate on da camera man inztead


FUCK. I hate the way Monsaingeon put that clip together. Richter was simply reading his journal entry regarding his 1975 Recital of the Hammerklavier in London.