I don't like classical music any more

I’ve realised lately that I no longer have much or maybe any interest in this. I looked at those Noack programmes in the other thread and thought Yeah I can’t listen to any of this. 80+% of regularly-recorded repertoire I don’t listen to any more, and I never listen to anything in major because I find it has zero character (except in those moments of transition out of minor). No real interest in recitals either which is the main telling point. I’ve known for a while that I just hang out here to shoot the breeze. Frankly in my mind this is just as bad as behaving as the sort of collector who piles w/o exploring. You know what I think the problem is – it’s no longer intense. There was a time when it really excited me, in a Francis Bacon-described kind of way. I used it as something to transcend, and it was always a kind of complementary form to literature & film. But it doesn’t have that effect any more and like a smackhead I need another fix. Perhaps if I stop listening entirely for a while it’ll come back naturally some time. Anyway it’s better to write it out and admit it because loafing about w/o caring isn’t good at all. It just makes me snap at those pianists who are not intense enough, and that’s no fun at all. I think I’m just going to abuse Canada for a while and watch some films.

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We should start a whisky club you and I here instead. In time maybe we can change this place to DA SPEED DRAM COMMUNITY

Seriously, I have a somewhat related problem. Music has always played a central role in my life so I’m not likely to simply abandon it (though ups and downs are common & natural with me too), but a driving force with classical over the past 20+ years now has been that there’s always been those things on the horizon I’ve been curious to hear. That’s… coming to an end. There are a few tens of concerts I still have my eyes set on, but with the many deaths in recent years many of them now look unavailable. Also many more than a few tens I could imagine taking a look at, but it’s increasingly hard to find motivation to acquire them - even when they’re just an e-mail away.

I don’t feel chained to music however, and I’m relatively confident of my relation to it. It will always be there, and I will always come back to it. What excites me most today is actually just following the present scene and see what people are doing. I can’t wait until the new seasons are presented in the halls now towards the early spring. A lot of it is simply curiosity, but I know there will be a few gems among them as well.

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I like music more than ever before. To each his own

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It’s like being shown some grade A pussy after you’ve just busted a nut.

You’ve simply blown your load and need to wait for your balls to build up their appetite again.

Take time away from listening for a while, don’t do it because you feel you have to.

Come back to it when you feel you really need to listen again.


Yes. I think this is a great post ^^^^

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I’m kinda the opposite, I’ve been a lot less into film than I used to be in the past, and I barely read anymore either. However, classical music has always been my passion when it comes to art, and I don’t see that ever changing. I did burn out practising too much piano in the past, but after this 4.5 year dystonia imposed layoff I’m so ready to play again. Especially since I’ll no longer have the ordeal of performing or trying to make a career from it.


Classical music. I didn’t say I have this problem with music.

DA C is probably right, I always go through cycles, I suppose we all do to greater or lesser extents. I’ve noticed a certain narrowing over time though – even the important works are falling into the box where all the old uninteresting stuff goes (like Schubert’s Wanderer). So I know it’s ending. We’ll see what happens

Yeah whatever, I ment classical music. Maybe Jordan Peterson has something comforting to say to you in one of his one million YouTube videos


I’m glad to be your friend homie. We share other interests. Without yo initial love of ghey 88 sheeyat we would not fo example know we iz both fight fanz :whale:

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Dafuk, chill yo azz

Your reading comprehension is really low. Also you call people who you don’t understand, or you disagree with, stupid. Inferiority complex is what you have. Get lost if you’re just going to snipe.

You’ve been through some tough shit lately, Tony, listening to a waltz in C major won’t resonate with your inner life for a while…

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Bruh :heart:

Peace and love. Wasn’t trying to offend you, honestly

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It’s nothing that a session listening to David Helfgott’s Brilliantissimo can’t cure. You’ll feel reborn.

I can relate somewhat to what you and CJ have described. Every time I feel that way, I start exploring something really different. In fact I think it might have been your introduction some time ago to the Russian futurists which provided some enrichment as an artistic break from the mainstream. I also find that reading musical criticism or history (not to mention the musings of you crazy folks) is helpful as a way to build on musical interest without the listening part, and it helps later on when I do go back to listening more intensively.

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Hahahhaa… iizc da meph have some low hanging religouz fruit

Lol what?

Some of you guys have a somewhat CG approach at times, some passive-aggressive fury brooding underneath :whale:

Honestly I think most fury and friction on this forum is mofos misunderstanding or misinterpreting mofos.


Da meph apologizes for his somewhat harsh tone :sunglasses::heart:

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da meph is just cranky he has to go to India =)

Da comme is correct. I would explain wut I meant but I would even git at trouble fo da sdc