i haff an ideea 4 ataking other forumz

i saw dis other forum do dis sheeyet. u guyz wan 2 heer it?


ok i wil tell u niggaz…

  1. uplode a bunch of 1x1 transparent imagges to a server calleed sheeyat liek “1.gif”, “bunny.gif”, ETC

  2. get liek 40 ppl to join dis forum u want to fukkc up

  3. get dos niggaz to poste normal sheeyat ECKSEPT, dey need to put about 10 off da transparent image in der post, still noone will see dem

  4. on da decided day, change da pics from 1x1 transparent images to GOATSE and TUBGIRL and sheeyat

  5. laff

yez, i kno da it may be an old ideaa, but da comedic gensui is tru da roofe


No :dong: :dong: :dong:

forum invasions are so 2000 :comme:

it soundz lyk a reazonabl idea, howevah mahbadself, tha mart, zepp, comme and kritty haff all been bannd from tha only forum wher thiz would be a true succezz.


Haha da JAPZ iz a bit bad in da field of espionage 8)

we cud make some tests 8) on da laminate floor forum

How about doing some nigga shit on da white power forum, trash dem wit da yellow furry


With this majestic approval things can really get started…now all we need is a willing kamakazi samurai that is willing to sacrifice his yellow ass fo da honor of da sdc!


banned :bar: