i have a confesion to make

music > speed

I solemnly demand an immediate banishment


Go kill yourself, God hates you.

lol poser

Ye, I’m “posing” as God. Get it? I was speaking in the third-person.

U said music>speed, da lie detector detects dat is a lie

u haff da sdc in yo roots, go back to dem

and don say dis sheeeeeeeeeeeyat, othawise, banishment iz in ordah


Check out deez bawls, min!


finally a tru mofo

you guyz need ta learn to take a joke.

I know da valar iz a SDC hater
I know it from da banner he made fo da SDC

Also, in da PW, he also dissed a kid who played Debussy’s Doctah Gradus ad Pornossum at double speed. 8)

haha i dissed him cuz he played it like shit. i can play it faster. its not a hard piece. definately not sd.


HAHAHAHAHAHA, i cant believe any1 took u serioiusly…or waz it all part of a big genius joke? 8)

i kno, they are teh n00bs

dat joke was just rude, disgusting and inappropriate
in contrast to da general good taste and sophisticated humor dat reigns on dis forum

i kno, it is some disturbing sheeyat

hahahahahaha, da comme likez a dirty joke tho 8)