well, not rly, but tiz aural theory…

do re mi fa so la…WTF???

i heff NEVER sang before i my life, plus i dun know how to read music singing with do re mi fa so la instead o fplaying da piano…basically, i heff ZERO voice knowledge wtf…

aural theory is teh ghey…my voice is horrible, and wtf is a “center pitch”??? i eff to find my “center pitch” by thursday wtf…

im sooo gonna fail aural theory…

That’s pretty standard actually. Embrace it and you’ll learn alot. Shy away from it, and it will always be uncomfortable for you.

tru i had to take tha vocal methodz in 1zt yr…twuz a bit legendary :comme:

hahah i haff to practice zight zinging az well

td be k if noobeody elze heard
bud da teycher n otha ztudz be dere n liztn to y00 pathetic attemtz to tune y00 pitch
jetz orribl
me had to take 4 clazzez of doze (no, not becuz me faild, becuz me didnth)
now dey be ovah! YEUUEUEUEUE
:doc: :stop:

I’ve got singing classes too at the conservatory… And loads of choir.

Like iamcanadian said, just embrace it. Don’t think like “omg i’m gonna fail i never sang before wtf wtf”, cuz neither did I, but I didn’t fail. Just do your best, you’ll manage.

It’s the most natural form of music making, be glad you have to do it.

why do they make you sing?

ANY musician should learn to sing IMO… Like I said, it’s the most natural form of music. It’s music closest to yourself. You learn to breathe, phrase, etc… If you don’t know how to interp something, sing it and make it sound organic, retoric, you know. If you actually learn to sing, this is so much easier AND you learn to breathe and natural places in your music making. Learning to sing is one of the best ways to improve becoming a musician, and not just a good instrumentalist like pretty much ALL conservatories aim for.

but it duzznt improve yer ZPEED
thuz, it be wazte ov tym in at leazt two zenzez :rudy: :stop:


hAhhah deze clazzez randomly prove a bit uzeful vhen u rec da “do vut u gotta do” sheeyat 8)

ahahahah tru im tryin to find tha lozt album covah photoz a bit legendary :ho:

ahahahaHAH DATZ RITE diz zingin sheeyat juz a bit wtf

tiz only zuitable fo da elton john zchool of penizm :comme:

study the sight-singing as much as you can
take it very seriously, and PRACTICE the shit during the week
believe me, it will pay off
the school won’t give you any fury, and will not make you a better pianist
you will do that on your own
but it’s shit like having a place that actually makes you learn shit like that is what school’s all about…

…that and preying on unsuspecting freshman females

Damn, I gotta say… at my school there are like 20 hot chicks in the choir. Like INSANELY hot.

So i’m joining the choir for sure :rectum:


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