I iz retiring da brotha 111

Tru… juz, enough. Tried it since 2014 - still NOT GOOD. Just no. I fail. I’m a mediocre bitch who needs to mop the floors in central conservatory.
I should call my ex now and tell her I am moving to China to live off her money.

Gonna learn da op 110 right now. Starting right from da Fugue, Diz da Sofro method.

But tru, I admit that I’m too mediocre a cunt for the 111 and it really tore my asshole up like a fuckin Ghost Pepper chili 8)

It takes time! I first learned it when I graduated from high school and ideas come and go over the years.

Hahaha still playing it! 8)



wiz commentaire :sunglasses:

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Basically: nevah giff up