I just spent 3 hours listening to Schiff's Bach...

Not at ALL to my taste - and I was seriously giving it a chance after a colleague of mine, who I really respect, told me of his obsession with Schiff.

If this is what a great Bach pianist should sound like… well I’ll stick with my Richter and Feinberg.

There are MANY living Bach pianists who I prefer to Schiff:


I would even take Barenboim or Hewitt over Schiff


I think the time is better spent if u stare for 3 hours at the static of a unplugged television and try to figure if the noise will sync with the darkside of the moon

:dong: :dong: :dong:

Schiff’s bach is mechanical and cold, it’s no different from a midi, and that’s a really wrong way to interpret Bach. That’s also one of the reason why, as bach being one of the most innovative composer of all time, a lot of who listen to classical music found it difficult to digest and agree with.

I rather listen to eccentric interpretation like pogo and orgy instead of schiff.

Schiff did to Bach what Brendel did to Beethoven.

Schiff’s Bach is probably not every cup of tea but he deserved the mention. I don’t particularly like his Goldberg and some of his WTC, but as a complete set, i can’t think of anyone who plays better than him. I was told by my teacher to listen to Schiff and seriously, i never ever regret listening to him.

i’d love to hear tha g zharp minah from book II :lib:

I don’t think it is particulary bad. Hewitt is not bad either imo. But these days I am ALL for Fiorentino in Bach.

-da Meph

hahaha da comme paid fuckin huge amount fo a BACH 12 cd zet by da fuckin zchiff

i enjoyed da playin tru :doc:

Da Schiff i haff mized feelings about and derfore can’t really decide if i lyk him or not.

wtf wut iz wrong wit hewitt?!

Tureck is another so-called Bach “expert” that I find quite awful.


i saw the topic title n my first thought was “iI wonder hu hacked tha canadain’s account” :rectum:

Nothing’s wrong with it… nothing’s right with it either though - it’s the most careful, HUMDRUM Bach I can imagine. It doesn’t stir ANY feelings in me - good or bad. It’s just there…

Hewitt seems to be a classic competition pianist. She’s extra careful not to step on any toes and in the end nobody has anything against her and she wins.

That said, I certainly don’t hate her… I just have no respect for the careful pianist. I would even say that I enjoy her Partitas a tiny bit and her Toccatas are nice too.


wut doez u think of her sinfonias? i find em rathah tastefull

the sheeyatest bach pianist is pozz Tureck. her bach partitats and goldberg varz are totally sheeyat. she should be the first pianist to be excluded in the great pianists series.

:gav: iz tha bezt

i truly agree , i know many pianists who worship her Bach , i hate it and even my profesor while watchin a vid of her lately at my pc told me to delete it. and she wasnt only playing Bach.

my favorite Bach is Richter Sokolov Feinberg and for the Goldberg vars. tha second Gould